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If you're willing to take the time to favorite a deviation, then please consider taking a few seconds to leave a comment. I love to read about what you liked, or just that you liked something at all. Your comments are the only payment I get for this stuff.

With that out of the way, here's the lowdown.

1. This is a gallery of fantasy artwork, not a list of recommendations for actual behavior in your personal life. If you ever hurt anyone physically or psychologically for the purpose of getting off (outside a very narrow range of consensual BDSM activity), then you are a fucking shitbag.

2. This isn't about hating or maligning women. I'm a heterosexual male who happens to adore women, and I don't consider the fantasies depicted in my artwork to be any different than your fantasies of busty blonde lesbians rolling in Pacific sand. If you're cool with that, great. If not, then see my disclaimer.

3. My art is art, and see my disclaimer if you don't agree. This tends to come up once in a while, and I'm not going to debate the matter anymore.

4. I generally don't do requests, though anyone is welcome to make one. You never know. If I tell you I will do something, I'll do my very best to make sure it gets done.

5. Sets containing TOS-unfriendly sexual content will usually appear in full on my blog (adults only). By the way, there's absolutely nothing 'deviant' about deviantART's policy on sexual content. They're even afraid of cartoon sex toys.

6. While I appreciate that anyone has ever found any of my work worthy of buying, I don't offer prints. Sorry.

Thanks for viewing my gallery.
The 2014 Bondage Awards have moved into the voting phase. Unlike your annual or biannual political elections, here you have a chance to cast a vote that actually means something!

1) Go to
2) Complete the quick the sign-up if you haven't already.
3) Click the voting link at the top of the page.

If I might make a few suggestions....

Bondage Gear: 
Autumn's Shop (dA has apparently blocked the actual name of her store, so I can't write it here)

Bondage Model:
Autumn Le Fleur subshopautumn 
Melina MelinaMcAwesome 

Bondage Comic Artist:
Shiniez shiniez 

Bondage Rigger:
Uncle M UncleM 

Glamour Bondage:
Uncle M UncleM

Bondage Writer:
Nicole Kendall bound-nicole-babe78  

You can vote once per day per category. Please support the people who create the content you enjoy.

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Enjoy vacation!
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