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If you're willing to take the time to favorite a deviation, then please consider taking a few seconds to leave a comment. I love to read about what you liked, or just that you liked something at all. Your comments are the only payment I get for this stuff.

With that out of the way, here's the lowdown.

1. This is a gallery of fantasy artwork, not a list of recommendations for actual behavior in your personal life. If you ever hurt anyone physically or psychologically for the purpose of getting off (outside a very narrow range of consensual BDSM activity), then you are a fucking shitbag.

2. This isn't about hating or maligning women. I'm a heterosexual male who happens to adore women, and I don't consider the fantasies depicted in my artwork to be any different than your fantasies of busty blonde lesbians rolling in Pacific sand. If you're cool with that, great. If not, then see my disclaimer.

3. My art is art, and see my disclaimer if you don't agree. This tends to come up once in a while, and I'm not going to debate the matter anymore.

4. I generally don't do requests. Never hurts to ask, but I'm working mainly from a different account now and just don't often have the will or the time.

5. Sets containing TOS-unfriendly sexual content will usually appear in full on my blog (adults only). By the way, there's absolutely nothing 'deviant' about deviantART's policy on sexual content. They're even afraid of cartoon sex toys.

6. While I appreciate that anyone has ever found any of my work worthy of buying, I don't offer prints. Sorry.

Thanks for viewing my gallery.
TL;DRI'm moving to a new profile and focusing on my bondage web comic. It's called Syndicate Wars, and you can find it here.


For the foreseeable future (and perhaps permanently), most of my effort is going to be redirected into the new bondage web comic I've been mentioning for a while. My Finality work, as well as the associated blog and deviantART profile, will take a backseat as a result. Some regular viewers might recall a previous journal entry where I asked for opinions on whether I should change accounts for the comic. Consensus was that I should keep it here, but I've elected to move for a variety of reasons. I don't really want to rant, but the gist is this.

Clean Slate

I really, really just don't want the new comic affiliated with the Finality moniker. It's probably still recognizable as my work, but it's a different direction, and is more campy action/drama than horror. This is despite the fact that I consider my "Confessions" story series to be canon history for the new universe. Also, I'll no longer have to worry about hangings and beheadings showing up in the "More From" list of my lighter works.

Low Feedback

For having been here over 6 years, I get very few comments in return for my hours of work. And on any given deviation, about half of the comments are my own, since I try to reply to people who take the time to drop a line. The tipping point here was probably back in May, when I put quite a bit of time into a pack of bondage emotes, specifically asked for feedback to help improve the next batch, only to have it garner a handful of anonymous downloads and 1 commenter. Again, I don't want to rant, but that's pretty fucking frustrating. Maybe it's my own fault for building an early audience largely on snuff, then lightening up later in the game. Maybe my stuff isn't good enough to make people want to comment (though they frequently seem quick to hit the Favorites button). Moving to a new account is unlikely to solve this problem, because it's apparently just the dA way to consume without providing feedback, but that still leaves me with very little motivation to not make the change.

And ...... that's it, really. I don't entirely know what I'm going to do with the Finality profile. There are still outstanding episodes of "Confessions" that haven't been posted yet, and I haven't decided whether to keep them here or move them to the new page. As for posting new art, D-Fly's stuff is still on the burner AFAIK, and I'll be helping with that and posting it here as requested. Anything miscellaneous I come up with will likely appear here, though this will probably happen only when I need a break from the comic.

Anyway, if you like the sound of a semi-serious sci-fi bondage web comic, set in a universe where slavery is not just a good idea, but the law, then you might like SYNDICATE WARS. Feel free to head over there and watch, because that's where I'm mostly going to be now.

Thanks for reading. See ya 'round.

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